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Our emergency team is always available 24/7 and ready for solving any of your situational rising problems. Contact us now

Should there be a gas leak on your property or where you live, it can cause serious damage to your residence. It could also lead to fire outbreak if not quickly attended to.

Gas leak can be caused by improper fix of gas pipe, caps or faulty appliances. At RAPH LTD, we have experienced Gas safe Engineers, who are ready to help and give advice on your gas appliances as well as maintenance of such. We work on maintenance and installation of gas cookers, appliances and installation of carbon monoxide testers and alarm in the suitable and necessary place(s) in your house.

Your safety is our priority at RAPH LTD. Contact us now for:
  1. Gas Leak.
  2. Safety Check.
  3. Dripping Taps.

And all that has to do with emergency.

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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Guideline

We’re still delivering to our customers safely by following the social distancing guidelines, and we would really appreciate it if you could work with us to do the same upon delivery and throughout any installation service by keeping your distance and waiting in another room. We also want to recommend that you clean surfaces as well as handles once any installation is completed as an extra precaution.